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Preparing Today's Students for Tomorrow's World

BCMS: Go for Gold! Beat Your Best!

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BCMS 2014-2015 Handbook. 


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Loose-leaf Paper

*5 of the 1-Subject Spiral Notebooks

*2-Inch, 3-Ring Binder

*Tape or Glue Sticks

Pencils; Colored Pencils or Twistables Crayons

Blue/Black Ink Pen

Handheld Pencil Sharpener

Highlighters-various colors

Pencil Pouch

Wish List:  copy paper, Lysol wipes, tissues, and candy for classroom/school rewards

*Recommend waiting on these until after Open House when you have specific team supply requests


  • no holes or fraying above the knee (not even if covered underneath or over the hole);  

  • all shorts, dresses, and skirts must also hit the knee – even if wearing leggings or other articles under the skirt or shorts; if wearing leggings or tight fabrics, student must cover with outerwear like a long shirt dress or skirt that comes to the knee.

  • no “racer-back” tank tops but tops that are at least three finger width and show no under garment straps are allowed; if wearing sheer clothing or off-the-shoulder clothing, items underneath should meet dress code (should not see underwear or spaghetti straps)

  • clothing should be modest and appropriate – no tight/revealing items or shirts that show cleavage and no inappropriate or offensive words/images

  • Other:  no facial piercings; hair must stay out of eyes at all times (either clipped back or cut)

Text Box: NOBACKPACKS - As you can see from the supply list above, students carry very few items and should have only one textbook at the most to carry daily.  Please adhere to the following rules when purchasing a backpack:

  • No wide, hiking/oversized backpacks or sports duffle bags – please purchase a regular size backpack (w/o wheels); Sports bags for athletes may be a separate bag and will be stowed in a safe place near the coaches’ offices each morning before school
  • Purses should be small enough to fit easily in the backpack without over-stuffing

BCMS Welcomes Parent Involvement!

Check out the files below for important information. (Last Revision - July 2012)

Georgia DOE Resources for Parents - Includes links to English and Spanish versions of A Parents Guide to Title I ESEA, Parent Leadership Development Guide, FAQs for Parents on Georgia's ESEA Waiver, CCGPS Parent Guide, and Middle School CCGPS Explanation Video.